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Photo Scanning and Restoration

Image and Film Scanning (negatives) and Enhancement

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Photo Scanning and Restoration

Bring those old photographs back to life. We will scan your photos and sharpen up the fading details, removing the wrinkles, creases, cuts and tears for reprinting or storage on CD. We're happy to work with that one treasured picture or we can create web "galleries" or a CD album to enjoy forever! A digital copy of an image will never fade or tear. Our prices are cheaper than large print houses.

Image and Film Scanning and Enhancement

We scan and enhance all images including photos and negatives for your digital: web; email; CD and/or printing needs.

Text Scanning and Conversion (OCR)

Recycle that paper! Get those company files, records, letters etc..., on to your computer. We can scan these documents and by using OCR (Optical character recognition) software, convert them from an "image", as the computer recognises them, into text.The files can then be saved in your choice of format (plain text, MS word doc, html, pdf) for editing, archiving, database use/storage, emailing, printing, quoting, web pages, faxing, etc...Have you handwritten documents you need to convert to a useable form? We can also work with these if the writing is legible.


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