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Welcome to the home of the Synaptic Graffiti Collective. This page features samples of collaborative works for those who have appeared live with SGC and performance details. Links to these artists and work beyond 2005 can now be found at SGC- MySpace
What is SGC?

Sara Moss and Scart formed Synaptic Graffiti in March 2003 to blend the art of poetry with multimedia. They aimed to actively combine their interests in creative arts and social activism. Since then, they have extended the collective, produced the first CDROM, Slam the Body Politik and further developed the art of Live Multimedia Poetry Performances.

Who are SGC?

The SGC philosophy is simple, if your work is accepted for any of the web, CD or Performance projects, you are considered a member of the collective. Each member decides their own level of involvement, from publishing a single poem to creating collaborative works and performing live.

SGC launch Slam the Body Politik at the Queensland Poetry Festival, October 10, 2004. From left: Liz Hall-Downs, SCART, Rowan Donovan, Sara Moss, Graham Nunn, David Stavanger and Miss Kate
photo courtesy of queenslandpoetryfestival.net

To be notified of upcoming SGC performances or to book a performance for your festival/venue, visit us at SGC- MySpace

SGC Performances can involve from 2-12 members of the performing collective and include poetry reading and/or performance, live and recorded music, multimedia and visual art projections and interactive multimedia. Styles range from the strident and subversive to the subtle and sublime.

SGC Collaboration Samples

You can contact us by emailing
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