man in kind
opposite a pub
near a highway
man in kind

a nailed hat
a sneeze with no body
to bless it

man in waiting

lanes of petroleum fumes
brewery breath hangover

bottles clash … knuckles scheme

glass reflects generation vroom vroom

man in kind

sharing genetically modified
rye with pig heart gene
across salt pans of extinction

a man in waiting / a pigeon hole
a zero stencilled on his back

white shirts
golf carts
rugs in hand

man in kind

during a long hazy stretch of road
eating kingaroy peanuts
the choice is beyond genetics
but what is it?

machines stamp
cars out of computer maps
and opposite the pub
thick petroleum smoke suffocates

and men lift manly things (or things that make them look manly)
out of their boots

neat nets

last hail
in a storm of opinions

man in waiting | man in kind

Jayne Fenton-Keane