Submission email address
(NOTE: sending an email with a LINK to your work/page and a note saying "use what u want" is not considered a submission. Don't laugh, it actually happens ;-)

All art submissions need to be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format, preferably no larger than 800X800 pixels. Making sure they are optimized for the web ahead of time is appreciated.
All poetry submissions need to be in either .doc or .html documents, preferably with no more than 50 lines, although exceptions are sometimes made. Rarely though . . . hardly ever . . . . actually, i can't remember the last time . . .
Multimedia - Flash, Movies, MP3's
All Multimedia needs to be in either flash, mpeg, mov or mp3 format and no larger than 800X800 pixels. ANY FILES LARGER THAN 2MB MUST BE SENT BY POST. If you attemp to send a file larger than that through email, your dog will choke, your grandmother will stop speaking to you AND it'll probably bounce the email back at you.