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The REVOLUTIONARY multi-arts multi-media CD-ROM from the Synaptic Graffiti Collective.
A Bold Mix of the Subversive and Sublime

Samples of SGC works Samples of SGC works Samples of SGC works

Over 350 creative works in a dynamic and immersive urban interface:

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100 + works of NOISE
jazz poetry, electronica, songs, spoken word/music collaborations, audio poems, rants
90 + works of ART
100 + text/graffiti POEMS
50+ MULTIMEDIA & VIDEO presentations

from Australian & International Poets, Artists, Musicians & Performers
kirpal gordon+ hybrid vigor twinfish innersurge airom bleicher sara moss SCART graham nunn stefanie petrik rowan donovan bernard houston alicia sometimes bee perusco jayne fenton keane tim sinclair liz hall-downs david stavanger stephen oliver jenni nixon joel deane ross clark thom the world poet papa osmubal lidija cvetkovic paul hardacre duncan richardson kim downs alicia bennett philip neilsen s.k. kelen shane hart mandy beaumont grea korting anthony bennett shawna a. smart SEV ryan tanay PFW Miss Kate and MANY MANY MORE…

“this compilation will revive the beat movement for a new generation”


Samples of SGC works
Slam The Body Politik


Slam" can be ordered through a FULLY SECURE PayPal™ account, or if you prefer, you can download the order form HERE, print the form out and send your payment by post.

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Samples of SGC works

These samples are optimized for web viewing and do not appear at the same level of quality or in the same immersive environment as they do on the CD-ROM. All works remain the property of their authors.
This is a tiny sample from the hundreds of creative works featured on Slam...

Samples of SGC works

Prologue to a Gospel - Ross Clark
Holiday in the Slums - Alexander Martin Remollino
man-in-kind - Jayne Fenton-Keane
Leaving - Ian C. Smith
True Sight - John Tomlinson
Cherished - Alicia Bennett
Samples of SGC works

Razor wire - Jenni Nixon
Chaos - Graham Nunn/Scart
33 Kilohertz - Joel Deane
Freedom Poem - Sara Moss/Scart
Appearances/serenade to a cuckoo - Kirpal Gordon/Rahsaan Roland Kirk
15 Blocks Away - Jayne Fenton Keane & Roland Adeney (cinabar)
NOTE: If music/audio begins playing before it has completed it's download, please check your plug-in settings.
Samples of SGC works

branded child - Scart
even angels fall - Shawna A Smart
fuck paris - Anthony Bennett
abandoned world - Coral Hull
compassion - Scart
Samples of SGC works

Revolution - Scart
Shaking the Beauty Myth - Liz Hall Downs/Ryan Tanay/Scart
Do whatever you Want- Stefanie Petrik/scart
inequality destroys democracy - Ryan Tanay
dadada - SEV

Scart and Sara Moss, the producers of Slam the Body Politik would like to thank all those who contributed their work to this project without charge. Full Biographical Details are provided in the “Who” section of the CDROM.
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Together we will change the world


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