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URGENT : Nationwide IR Changes Protest
15th November
Join others and protect your rights before they're gone forever.

The Governments new extreme right-wing changes to the workplace will destroy many of the rights that aussies have in their workplaces (holiday pay, maternity leave, unfair dismissal protection, penalty rates, safe working conditions, etc) unless people stand up and Unite in their DEMAND that Aussies rights at work be respected and not sold out. These changes will help companies and their managers/CEO's make even more extreme profits while workers wages, rights and conditions get worse and worse, year after year.

Click here to find info for your areas:
For Gold Coast Workers, televised link-ups will be at:
Nov 15th, 9:00am
Venue: Palm Beach/Currumbin Sports Club
34 Thrower Dve
Palm Beach, Gold Coast

Venue: Southport RSL
36 Scarborough St,
Southport, Gold Coast

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Four new messages have been posted up, Flexibility, The enterprise culture and Aussie Workers & The salary disease by Danley and MythBusters & EBA, AWA and Low Pay Jobs by Shane.
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